Itís for life!

By Vicky Lines

Itís the end of October (2000), Iím on late shift and feeling a bit tense. I could do with a massage or something. Iíll just have a look through the village directory. Ummmm, whatís this Reeikie (Reiki) thing? Iíll phone up and see what its all about. After a bit of enquiring, that sounds interesting, Reiki and Crystal Healing. I think Iíll go for that. Iím open minded, a great believing in homeopathy and all that stuff.

My first experience of Reiki was with a lady called Susie Gulliver, and wow, what an experience, totally blew me away . . . and those crystals she used. This touched parts of my physical and emotional being I never knew I existed.

Having had a few treatments this Reiki thing was drawing me in, as I began to feel such relief, release and a sense of well-being. Upon Susieís recommendation I booked an appointment with Keith Beasley to have a treatment and a chat about the 1st Degree - was I a suitable candidate?

What a dood, this guy looks like Jesus and wow, what a waistcoat! The treatment, well what can I say . . . ĎBeam me up Scottyí. My thoughts and feelings had been confirmed, this was what I had been searching for. This was for me.

Keith buzzed me up on the First Degree, taught me what I needed to know and said Ďgo away and practice, there are no limits, no rulesí.

What a journey: Iíve learnt so much more about ,myself and other people and the world we really live in - planetary and spiritually - and how we can try to help make it all a happier place to live in.

Iíve just completed the 2nd Degree: itís been mind expanding and mind blowing . . . what a rush! Put your seat belt on. The picture has just been sharpened up a little more, this is going to be a good ride. Thereís not really much I can tell you. Well, I could but . . . go and try it and see for yourself, whether it be for relaxation or to fix those bits that hurt.

Just one other thing - shhhh, nothing or nobody can ever take this away from me, itís not just for Christmas, itís for life.

I would like to thank Susie for guiding me and Keith for teaching me. What a wonderful teacher. Arso grasshopper. Nameste.

Vicky using Reiki on Nobby