Reiki as a Path

to Enlightenment

by Keith Beasley

Keith Beasley is self-employed as a Reiki Master/Teacher. He lives Reiki. He IS Reiki . . as are we all! He says, of his experience of Reiki: "it has helped me to reunite my mind/body with my soul. To reconnect to my true, inner, higher, self. To BE the real me!"

Prior to Reiki (which he 'learnt' in 1995/6) he had for some years been exploring various philosophies, religions and techniques - from Dowsing in 1987, through Yoga, Alexander Technique, etc. These gradually opened him up from his factual scientific upbringing. Reiki 'arrived' as his job in Quality Assurance in the electronics industry had ceased to be fulfilling. It was time for a 'leap of faith'!

As he began to teach Reiki (from 1996) so it's power and truth left their mark - or rather, the now outdated, unreal, thoughts and beliefs began to fall by the wayside. In Reiki, and in life itself, he found a whole new world opening up - or rather, being reawakened. Through sharing experiences and ideas with students and other Masters, so the deeper significance of Reiki began to shine though. Reiki IS love, it is light. WE are love, We are light! Fine in theory, but what does that mean in practice? A few more years on, and the world of love, light and spirit are not just principles, but reality . . . well, almost! Life itself is our teacher. Reiki and it's teachers, like Masters in other areas of life, are merely enablers on the path.


Nothing Yet All

Reiki is all things to all mankind. It is and enables everything we need at each moment in our lives. The more we allow it to do, the more it will do for us.

Reiki is nothing. It is the void, a total emptiness. Freedom. Isn't that what we all seek? Freedom from a world full of painful emotions, freedom from expectations and unhappiness?

Hang on though! Isn't Reiki Healing just another therapy? Where does all this 'light' and 'freedom' come in? Ah, that's the point! Reiki works at whatever level we need it to work. If all we need is a 'nice' relaxing treatment, then that's what Reiki and the Reiki practitioner will provide. If (when?) we're ready to experience the profound sense of One-ness, when we're ready to let our soul live in us again, then Reiki will do that!

Puzzled? Don't worry! There is much in Reiki and in it's practice that challenges our conventional wisdom and way of life. This is what it needs to do! The rapid rise in interest in Reiki (and in other Eastern philosophies and practices) is happening because we, in 'conventional' society, are ready for it. As individuals and as a species we are ready to enter a new phase of our existence. As we enter the new millennium, so enlightenment isn't something to be aspired to by a few chosen ones, but a state that can be attained by us all. Reiki is but one path on this journey. For those who chose another path, or don't find the right teacher, Reiki is nothing. To those who enter into the spirit of Reiki, who work with it, it is life changing . . . it is everything!



Reiki is usually described as 'The Universal Life-force Energy'. i.e. the energy that is within and around every (living) thing. It is the Chi in Tai-Chi, the Qi in Qi-gung and the Prana that is accessed through Yoga. In scientific terms it is the force/energy that interconnects all other forms - including gravity and time. In Christian terms it is God's Love. In New Age terms it is 'The Light'. Whatever your background and preferred set of words, Reiki embraces All such principles of One-ness.

If Reiki, the energy, IS light, then the practice of Reiki must be an enlightening experience! To enlighten - to lighten or shed light on: to give light to: to make clear to the mind: to impart knowledge or information to: to elevate by knowledge or religion: to free from prejudice or superstition. Such is the (Chambers) definition. It is the energy (God, the Universe or whatever you want to call it) that does the enlightening - not the Master/Teacher; they are merely channels for the light, love and wisdom.

But what does this mean in practice? Living life, day to day, 'free from prejudice or superstition'. Think about it! To go a whole day 'without fear or favour' of anything or anybody else, knowing that the Universe cares for us and provides for all our needs.

So the process of enlightenment is about becoming aware of our prejudices and preconceived ideas and allowing the light to clear such thoughts from our minds. Reiki, as a healing practice assists and guides this process. Particularly when practised as a self-treatment.


Personal Responsibility

Although 'received' Reiki treatments can result in major breakthroughs on our spiritual journey, it is through the personal commitment to Reiki as a path that we benefit most. i.e. by taking the training and using Reiki on ourselves. Now we can give ourselves a healing as and when we need to. Whenever we find ourselves allowing doubts and worries to get us down, we can connect to our own inner light. Reiki self treatments, when done in this light(!) become a part of our way of life. When applied anytime, any place, anywhere, we have a tool to help us through the challenges that life throws at us. And all these challenges are about throwing away our material preferences and limiting thought patterns . . . about accepting that our life is our responsibility. Gradually we see that we are each of us learning what we need to learn. Gradually we see (because we've shed more light on the situation!) that our health, our life-style, our happiness (or otherwise) are reflections of each other and of the place we give to our soul's needs in our life.

Reiki helps us to be self-full. By connecting us to our inner/higher/true selves and following that bit of us, we do what we HAVE to do . . . that which is the divine will . . . and thus 'for the greater good'. This is the intent within Reiki treatments - to be a channel for love and light, that 'God's will be done'. Yes, it is about surrendering our will to God's will, but now we are of God, in God and God is in us. That's what enlightenment is all about!

Usui, who rediscovered Reiki, was, we now know, a Buddhist. As we tread the Reiki route we see how important the Buddhist idea of detachment is - to be totally in and with a situation, but at the same time detached from it. To be loving unconditionally in the moment, but with no preconceived idea as to the outcome. This is what 'living in the here and now' is all about - to be with whoever, whenever, however - responding to the higher needs of that moment. Sometimes being forceful (with divine authority), sometimes gentle (with humility), sometimes lively (with the Lord of the Dance perhaps) at others quiet. The Light of enlightenment has ALL these qualities . . . AND the wisdom to use the right aspect of the light at the right moment.

The practice of Reiki, as a commitment to our soul, helps us to see these truths . . . and then to live them. To some, the change is rapid - miraculous. To others the switch to a soul-centred, enlightened way of live can be a long, painful process. Few techniques however are as adaptable as Reiki. As we learn of the Reiki symbols and ways of focusing the Reiki light on our personal troubles and blocks, so we zap away our mental baggage. WE, each of us, have the answers to our particular questions in our own being. We can all access this inner wisdom directly, without any fancy procedures or material aids. This is true Healing - bringing our minds, bodies and souls into harmony and alignment with the flow of the Universe. Allow Reiki to do this and you'll know what I mean!



So, who or what are you? An enlightened being is unlikely to use labels such as 'therapist' or 'Buddhist'. They just get on and do what they have to do. Doing their best to shed their blend of light into this world. Bridging the worlds of spirit and matter. It's about being true to our real selves. Some of us are here to teach, some to heal, some to write, some even to fight or make computers. It is not for us to judge, just to seek out the truth within us. To surrender is to be free. To BE is to be happy!

But HOW? you ask! For most of us there is no quick fix, but many who take up Reiki and allow it to become a practice within their day to day lives, find that moments of 'being' become easier to find and last for longer. Eventually we find the when in our Reiki mode we can BE whatever the circumstances. What better way to help the world than to BE our true self!

So what better way to end than with an enlightening experience. Well, that is my intent! How you perceive it, will depend on your needs and intent!

Place your hands on your head or body - wherever is comfortable for you. Perhaps one hand on the solar plexus, the other over the heart. Feel your breathing or heart beat. Close your eyes and focus your attention on your hands and on any pulse or rhythm they're sensing. Feel under each hand a glow, a light. Perhaps it's a golden orb or a purple flame. Whatever colour and whatever shape feels right for you. Imagine and feel this light pulsing with your own body's rhythm.

With each pulse feel the light getting bigger and brighter. Eventually the lights from the two hand positions merge and one large light fills the whole body. Feel the light emerging from your body, extending into your aura, forming a halo . . . whatever visual image feels right for you. Feel the brightness extend from you, linking up with the natural energy in the things around you. It fills the room or space you are in. Feel it getting even bigger until the whole globe vibrates with your light and colours. And bigger still, until the sun and stars are all part of this one bright source of light. The Source. The Light.

Open your eyes and see, in THIS world, the light and energy in the things around you. Do you not feel brighter, lighter?


In love & light



Keith teaches Reiki as a tool for personal self and spiritual development - as a path to enlightenment. Contact him

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