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I'm always happy to link exchange with other web-site which have some common element or theme to those of One Reality. To request a reciprocal link please complete a response form.

These links are in no particular order!


The Siku Project (UK)
Working with the Inuit to reduce the break-up of Arctic Ice


A Green Home Guide – How To Go Green At Home


Green Home Resource Guide


Workshops and Performances in Traditional Arts


Psychophonetics UK


Liife Energy Science


Sea of Faith


Life Science Foundation


Charter for Compassion




Vision Alignment Project


I- Believe-Love-Is-The-Meaning-Of-Life
(The Experience Project)


The Study Society


Starseed 411


soul tides
Eve Adams

Cae Non
Spiritual retreat and wild garden in North Wales


Spirit Find
Spiritual Web Directory, since1999


Spiritual Minds


Therapy Directory

Kofutu Personal Growth, Meditation & Spiritual Healing
Spiritual healing system based on symbols that unites the conscious and intuitive minds


The Good Retreat Guide


Barefoot Doctor
network of therapists


Places to Be
An excellent guide to places for an inspiring retreat


Earth Dance
Sound Baths; Singing Bowls, Gongs and Drumming workshops


Glastonbury Stained Glass
Mandalas and other spiritual stained glass items 

Sean Bradley
The Barefoot Angel Man TM


Spirit of Transformation
Site of Nikki Wyatt -'The Karma Coach'

Holidays in Devon . . . for those interested in Astronomy


Great idea, lovely site


Alliance for a New Humanity


Informing Universal Consciousness


Complementary & Alternative Medicine International Directory


Vivid Existence
Embody, Dance and Radiate - with Leela Frances


Positive News
THE newspaper with good news about humans working WITH each other and the planet


Retreats Online



Achieving Dreams
Relaxing Minds and Bodies
With Nikki Thurlow


Color Discovery with Theresa Sundt


Educational Psychology Interactive
including an excellent Directory of Ed Psyc Links


Dr. Rodney H. Clarken's Website
including some wonderful Powerpoint presentations, for example:
The Process of Becoming Your True Self


Sunseed Desert Technology
Working Holidays in the self-sufficent project in Spain


Inspirational e-cards from 123greetings.com


Arthritis and Glucosamine Information Center


Directory of Sites to improve your personal life - in all ways!


The Tree of the Golden Light


Insel Haus Retreat Center


  The-Insight.com - A Spirituality Web Directory.


Visioform Creative Living


The NewCouple website
Ten New Laws of Love 


Touching The Light
Some wonderful photography & photo related info, etc
from Ken Scott, author of 'Photographing Changing Light'


Walk Your Talk
Those who don't just talk about a socially sustainable society, but live it!


For local listings of therapists and much more


The Hunger Site
Click to make donations


Bay House Aromatics
Suppliers of aromatherapy products on the Internet


The Findhorn Foundation
The famous community in Scotland and all their related activities


Su Su Mama World Wear
Funky fair-trade clothes for children of all ages...


Tai Chi for Health



C4H Holistic Healing and Design

Reiki, Aura-Soma, Louise Hay Courses, Crystal Jewelry






Spiritual Endeavors...

& The Planetary Awakening Network
- an association of networks devoted to positive planetary transformation.


A Journal for Social and Spiritual Awakening 



New Games

Learning trust, co-operation and much more through play



Cortijo Romero

Set in the Andalucian Mountains of the South of Spain, Cortijo Romero is a self-contained holiday centre specializing in self-development courses. 




A searchable listing of UK therapists, magazines, etc:




Healthy Pages 

A well presented and extensive list of practitioners and events in the UK - now with a range of forums too: 





an Internet service provider working hard for peace, justice and sustainable health and prosperity around the world


  Centre for Alternative Technology

Promoting and practicing a wide range of sustainable/organic options in building, horticulture, energy, etc. A wonder place to visit in mid Wales - and a great resource site!


UK Recycling Database

Type in your postcode, identify what you'd like to recycle and it will tell you where to take it!


Cygnus Books

A mail order book club with an excellent selection of helpful and inspiration books for those seeking meaning in life, health and fulfillment.


Wish Only Well

a wonderful, simple, way we can all make a difference


Light-i - Media

this is computer graphics at its best . . . not only brilliant artistically but with SUCH a powerful message.


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