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… to my new consulting room! Designed and built as a summer-house with in-built BBQ, my sister refers to this as our Hobbit House: we are, after all in Shire, as the locals in our lovely village on the outskirts of Bristol call it. Whatever we label it, it’s a lovely space for quiet and deep reflection.photo of Summer house come consulting room

Surrounded by all manner of flora and fauna from banana plants to figs, vines, and olives, we regularly see and hear a ride range of birds, butterflies and so on: a Scarlett Tiger Moth, for example! So it’s a lovely place to reconnect to the wonders of the natural world.

What better place to share your inner dreams, to face your concerns and to evolve. I am here to help you work out what that means for you.

This website has, like me, been evolving for decades: please excuse its clunkiness! For my recent blogs please see www.consciousevolution.today

These web pages do, however, give you the gist of the range and type of services that I offer. In any case I aim to be flexible and spontaneous and respond to your needs in a way most appropriate to you at that time. This may include:

  • active listening, to your doubts, fears, experiences and insights 

  • offering Reiki healing and/or training 

  • encouraging and enabling emotional intelligence development 

  • leading you in guided meditation and visualisation exercises 

  • guiding you in Healing Art activities 

Virtually, or from here in Bristol, I welcome the opportunity to support you on your personal transformation.

I look forward to hearing from you.


* I am looking for a like-mind with web expertise to help update my web presence; perhaps in return for some healing/consultation.


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* Note:  My meaning of some terms (transcendent, holistic, etc.) may not be the ones you are familiar with. Please refer to my Glossary for my definitions and meanings


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