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On-line Courses

With technology so much more accessible and user-friendly these days, I'm delighted to make my courses available to anyone, anywhere. To bring my own, unique and powerful, style and approach to workshops into an on-line format has been an interesting evolution, but I'm delighted to report that I'm now confident that all the vitality, enthusiasm . . . and above all depth and quality of content has now been transferred into these courses.

Below is an indication of the range of engaging workshops, training and self-development courses that I can provide on-line.

I am here to help you Be the best You you can be!

To find out more and share your interest, please contact me. Blended sessions (some on-line, some in person), are available too!

Reiki Courses

Accelerated Learning Lectures - ALLs

Essence of Knowing

Learn Reiki on-line! Certified courses now available.

Learn essential soft-skills in the most effective way possible: beyond taking in facts to experiencing and embodying the essence of essential abilities.

There is much more to knowing than what we are taught as fact!

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Each course lasts typically 45-60 minutes yet is packed with all your really need to know, without jargon or unnecessary details.

How to Evolve Consciously

  • Quality Matters: the gist of Quality Assurance for any business


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  • Making Friends with Time: Improve your relationship with time!
  • Mindful Presence: how to 'be present', be mindful - the essence
  • Aspects of Love: Reconnect to the energy of love . . . in all aspects of life.
  • Essence of Emotional Intelligence: BE a thinking, feeling, human being
  • Magic and Miracles: Quantum Leaps in Daily Life: Where Harry Potter meets quantum science
The Ultimate Project Manager: Success beyond planning

Payment in Kind!

I'm currently open to providing all of my course without charge, in return for your time and expertise or useful items. In particular I'm looking for:

Not only would you get to do the course for free, but you'll also be helping those with hearing difficulties to be able to benefit from them in the future. Contact me, if you're able to help.


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