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One of the many problems with topics such as transcendence, holistic health and the deeper aspects of life, is that we are restricted to mere words in an attempt to describe concepts and experiences that. well, defy words! In an attempt to demystify the mystical, or at least make it accessible, I offer the following pages. There is no universally accepted definition for any of these terms or ideas, but those given below are ones I have developed that seem self-consistent with each other and with my experiences.

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Wisdom FAQ - how can we gain wisdom?

Healing Art FAQ - what exactly is 'Healing Art?'

Healing and Healers - your questions answered

Divi FAQ - An introduction to divination

Mandala FAQ - what is a mandala and how are they used?

Meditation FAQ - what IS meditation & how do you do it? 

Reiki FAQ - more than just a form a healing - a way of life?

Life FAQ - what IS the meaning of life!??!

Holistic Health FAQ

How to choose the right therapist for you

Not quite a FAQ, but a useful piece on chakras: Nothing Really Matters

and on Mankind's Evolution

Summary of my view and articles on EQ & Emotional Intelligence
(includes links to other EQ sites)

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