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Action Research

There is one thing on which most philsophers agree: that our description of a thing is not the thing (or experience) itself. As soon as we attempt to put a situation into words, we have dimished it. Likewise, it is becoming increasingly acknowledged that the only way we can really find out about something is to engage with it. To have any real understanding of riding a bike, we need to have grazed our knees a few times!

So it is with the exploration of any subject. Whilst an objective assessenet of a subject and a study of what others have written about it provides some intellectual grounding of our knowledge, it is by participating in appropriate activities and allowing ourselves to 'know' about it subjectively that a more full appreciate of our subject can develop. Such is 'participative enquiry or 'action research' (after, for example, Peter Reason).

In this section of the OneReality web-site, I describe two on-going research projects in which I am activelt involved, which demonstarte the practice and value of such an approach. Being concerned with experiences, such topics lend themselves to action research.

Transcendent experiences

 My doctorate research project, inspired by my personal exploration over many years prior to the academic study. The nature and dynamic, the driving force behind and value of the process of transcendence.

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Experience of Worship

To fund the above studies, I have been emplyed part-time in the School of Music at Bangor University. A primary role as mean as administaror on the proejct 'The experience of worship in late medieval cathedral and parish church'. 

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