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Long before moving to Higher Education and its focus on public engagement I have always felt at home networking and sharing my ideas with individuals and groups from all walks of life. As an engineer (my first career) I fully appreciated that research, experience and knowledge is of little value unless it is communicated, in whatever form is appropriate, with those who might benefit from it. Just as importantly, such sharing is a two-way activity: it is through the exchange of  theories and practices that new insights are gained and ideas refined. This is particularly the case on topics related to OneReality and transcendence: unless hypotheses and techniques are fully consistent with the experience of individuals and groups from a broad spectrum of human endevour, they cannot be considered as representative of OneReality.

This page lists books, papers, presentations and other public engagement that I have written or given over the years. It is in reverse chronological order and split into sections corresponding to the phases of my working life. Whilst the items included in each phase (see my background)  might seem to relate to very different subject areas, the themes of experiential learning, action research, integration and whole-ness are common.

Forthcoming and recent publications and presentations

Conferences at which I'll be speaking, papers accepted for publication or in preparation.

Publications and presentations related to transcendence

Papers published and public engagement events organised since Nov 2008, when I began by postgraduate studies into transcendent experiences and evolutionary consciousness.

Publications and presentations related to well-being and holistic health

Books, published articles and public events organised since Feb 1996

Publications and presentations related to Total Quality and Reliability

Books, articles and conference papers

Creative and other writing

Reviews, 'Photo Poems', short stories and other inspirational words

Forthcoming and recent publications and presentations

New Normals in how we Research

Beasley, K., Beyond Disciplines: Evolving Research Methodology for the post-pandemic ‘New Normal’, Academia Letters 2021


Nuances and how to tune into them

Beasley, K., Davitt, L. & Joyner, D. ‘Reading between the lines of language’,
Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society China, Vol. 77 No. 1 2017, pp282-298


Getting the Essence Across
Paper on accelerated learning and the teaching & learning of spiritual knowing.

Network Review, Summer 2014 pp19-21


Experience of Worship - beyond rational meaning

Beasley, K., Aveling, J & Moss, J.F. ‘Voices from the nave: participant reflections’ in Late Medieval Liturgies Enacted: The experience of worship in cathedral and parish church, Harper, S., Barnwell, P.S & Williamson, M., Ashgate, 2016, pp255-269


Beasley, K. Transcendent Experience, Process, and Praxis Within the ‘Transcendence Movement’

Bangor University PhD Thesis 2013

Summary (pdf); Full text (pdf, as submitted and approved)


Beasley, K. The nature of Reflective Practice as a soft-skill: enabling a conducive T&L environment

Bangor University, From PGCertHE Portfolio, 2013

Full text (pdf)


Beyond the Field
Conference at Aberystwyth on November 9-10 2012

Beyond ‘isms & ‘ologies: Being a Researcher, Being Human
See abstract (.doc); Presentation slides (.pdf)

Spirituality in a Fragmented World
2nd International Conference of the British Association for the Study of Spirituality
May 15 -17 2012

‘Through fragmentation to wholeness: transcendent experiences and how to enable them’ - workshop.
See abstract (.doc)

Publications and presentations related to transcendence

Publications and presentations related to well-being and holistic health

Publications and presentations related to Total Quality and Reliability

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