Other pieces of Keith's writing


Besides books and academic papers, Keith has written a number of pieces often considered powerful or moving. Particularly helpful to those 'on a journey' or going through a period of questioning about life, such writing is both creative and therapeutic to write . . . and read!


Guided Meditations

Short Stories & Scripts




Photo-poems and other poetic musings

Including the unique combination of striking photographic or painted image
with a related poem inspired by the scene:

NEW! Post Celebration Blues - photo-song

Be Weak - poem

Waiting for the Tsunami - photo-poem

When the Clouds Clear - painted poem

Too darn hot - photo-poem

Searching for the poet - poem

Angel Sky - photo-poem

I don't know - poem

Forest Phoenix - poetic sculpture


Meditations & Visualisations

A Global Prayer

Give yourself a Reiki treatment

Dance your cares away!

Inner Light 

A guided meditation (audio only, as an MP3 file)

Make me a Channel of thy Peace
An animation (GIF file)


Other creative writing

And the Lion shall lay down with the Lamb - a short story

Other short stories by Keith can be found on Spiritual Short Stories (.com)

There are No Rules - a short play



The following are more journalistic comments on life: insights into the world, philosophical musings . . .

Strictly not virus?
What does Strictly Come Dancing have to do with the cause of a cold?

IQ, EQ, Enlightenment - the Evolution of Intelligence
An introduction to Emotional Intelligence

Communication without Technology

From ISP to ESP - What's IT all about?



From pure fiction to pure academia and pretty much everything in between! Here, in no particular order, are some of the reviews I've written over the years:

Patricia Mary Finn - Divine Realisation: One Soul's Journey

Lisa Selvidge - A Divine War

Wayne Teasdale - The Mystic Heart

Joseph Gelfer - Numen, Old Men: Contemporary Masculine Spiritualities
and the Problems of Patriarchy

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