IQ, EQ, Being wholly human -
the Evolution of Intelligence

by Dr Keith Beasley


The Essence of EI:
What IS Emotional Intelligence?

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Although the first reference to EQ these days is the work of Daniel Goleman in 1995, the term was actually coined a few years earlier . . . in an article I wrote in 1987 for the British Mensa magazine!

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As most of you will know, Mensa is the society for those with high IQ and the gist of my article was to highlight another aspect of human 'intelligence' - i.e. emotional sensitivity and an awareness of feelings. The feature was so well received that I was able to set up a Special Interest Group - The Sensitive SIG, within British Mensa. In the newsletter of the SIG (then called 'Hearts & Minds') members shared their experiences of being both intelligent and sensitive . . . often harrowing, particularly in the harsh business world. It's thus pleasing to see EQ being taken up by commercial organisations . . . and not before time!

During my years running Mensa's Sensitive Sig, I learnt much about my own sensitive nature and, in hindsight, would now identify that period as an important step in my own personal and professional development. Indeed, it corresponded to my first attempts to 'sort myself out' . . . and bring an end to failed relationships.

That's been an interesting journey, but one that I'm now helping others take. I'd go as far as to call it not just 'finding ourselves' . . . but working towards enlightenment!

Any journey involving Emotional Intelligence is about becoming aware . . . of the ways in which we're particularly sensitive . . . and why; of the feelings and needs of others . . . and the differences between us. Gradually, if we have and pursue a desire for a higher truth on our EQ path, so we free ourselves from our own emotional baggage and the conditioning of our early life and the expectations of others. Such shedding of 'stuff' is a prerequisite of any spiritual journey.

From recognising and working on my conditioned sensitivity, my own path took me down the psychic road: I found I could dowse . . . quite a shock to my scientific mind! Then I took up Reiki Healing, finding that I (like all of us) was able to bring a sense of well-being (if not inner peace or relief from physical symptoms) to myself and others. As I mixed with healers and those on various self development and spiritual growth paths so I realised that this EQ was a significant part of acknowledging our true, inner self.

As I shared with Buddhists and Shamans, Yoga teachers, Light Workers and positive thinkers I began to see a definite trend: by whatever path we, individually, are choosing we're ALL become more aware. As we seek and find our inner wisdom, be it through NLP work on our EQ or meditation or any one of a growing number of personal growth paths, so we're becoming more enlightened. We're rising above our purely rational intelligence (IQ) and finding a greater depth to ourselves and to life. EQ is indeed helping the world become a better place!

Keith Beasley is now based in Bangor (Wales) where he offers a range of workshops and consultations to help bring out our inherent Emotionally Intelligent, creative, psychic and spiritual natures. Using Reiki healing, art, divinations and creative visualisations he provide an excellent complement to techniques such as NLP as a path towards emotional intelligence . . . and a higher wisdom.

Keith's recently introduced on-line course Essence of Knowing, with the BodyMind Institute, provides am excellent grounding in why and how 'consciousness beyond the rational' is so important and valuable to each and all of us. Or:

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