Keith Beasley: Personal life-guide support

are you on a journey  . . . 
but feel alone or in need of support?

are you going through a period of change, growth . . . or confusion and would benefit from some help to find a new direction?

are you drawn to one of my session  . . .
but cannot get to me in person?


I provide life-guidance sessions that aims to focus on an area of your life in which you feel the need for support . . .
or to help you work through a block or issue that is bothering you . . .
or to help you develop you spiritually, creatively or psychically,

Each session consists of a face-to-face meeting, a series of e-mail correspondence and/or Zoom meetings between you and Keith. These provide mentoring sessions, bringing in whichever workshop, healing or artistic skills that seems most appropriate. These I know from experience can significantly help clients: this is a sample of things that have been said about the sessions I offer:


“May you carry on bringing Magic into people’s lives!”

GH after a Pintados* course


“This is the best course I’ve attended - very inspiring and creative”

JS on her day with Pintados*


“Brilliant day enjoyable and therapeutic"

LC describing her Pintados* experience


“I am feeling so much more in balance”

In a card from TM after a Pintados* workshop

(*Keith used to run worshops at Pintados Healing Arts near Brighton and at Quinta Pintados in the Algarve.)

Open your heartand open your mind

What's included the sessions?

Each sessions will be tailored to your specific needs, but will draw from my full range of workshops and consultation experiences .

I will help you to identify any question or issue you may have and explore the background to it. By sharing your current situation, you will not only provide us with the information to enable us to help you, but also begin to release whatever it is within you that needs to come out!

Other features of this approach include:

By working with you via a combination of formats (blended working!) all this can be achieved at times that are convenient to you . . . and at a very competitive consultation rate.

How the Support Service works

For each session I provide 45 minutes of consultation. This might be in person, through e-mails responses or on-line sessions. The charge for this is 50 . . .

or 180 for 4 sessions (= 3 hours consultation) if paid in advance.

Payment acceped by direct (electronic) transfer, by PayPal or by cash at first session. Payment in-kind will also be considered.

To subscribe now

Please contact me  with the following information:

Name, Age, location, e-mail and whether you’ll be paying in , $, Euros or another currency. Please also include a short paragraph on why you think this programme is right for you.

In response you will receive an outline of the first session and payment arrangements.

Once payment is received you will be sent a personal response based on the initial information received and confirm how, where and when our consultations will take place.

I will keep you informed of 'time remaining' against your subscription which you may 'top up' at any time. 


To subscribe, or if you have any question on how this subscription service works,
please contact me NOW!


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