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Subject List

A version of all of the following subjects has been offered in some form at some level (LL, HE, private, etc.). Whilst some  workshops were obviously designed for and found to work well in Lifelong Learning (for example) , such subjects can be readily adapted to other settings. As a number of these sessions emphasise, students, researchers and teachers in Higher Education can benefit just as much from alternatives to conventional teaching of 'fact and theory' topics.

Workshops, classes or modules can be developed around any of the following subjects, for most educational levels, whether within a formal educational setting or for informal tuition. Most are also available as 1-to-1 mentoring sessions. To discuss detailed requirement, prices and availability please contact me.

Where the workshop title is a hyperlink, click on it for further information.

From 2014, a number of these courses are being made available as on-line courses with the BodyMind Institute.

Act On

Whether you're already a performer (amateur or professional) or would like to get on stage, this workshop is for anyone interested in developing their stage presence and confidence in or through drama:

Artist Mentoring

Whatever your level of competence or preferred media, to help you work through creative blocks and/or look at your professional development in the context of your personal growth and path.

Aspects of Love

There's more to love than romance and love-sickness! In this workshop Keith helps you explore the many ways in which we can love love . . . and others . . . in an appropriate way and thus 'be present'.


Whether you're trying to improve your drawing, or working to understand and accept yourself and the world around, this is about learning to really look and listen. Includes exercises from 'Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain' by Betty Edwards.


Emotional Quotient, Emotional Intelligence: what are they and how can we achieve them? Exercises to raise our awareness of our emotional limitations . . . and helping to rise above them . . . so life becomes more harmonious.

Evolving Spirituality

What is meant by 'spirituality' in an increasingly secular world? How depth and value can be considered as evolutionary imperatives. (Modules designed for HE use, but easily adaptable to any setting,

First Degree Reiki

Certificated course (usually requires 3 x 3hrs sessions or equivalent),

The basics of Reiki healing including background, history, how to treat yourself, how to give Reiki to others and the Principles of Reiki.

Healing Art

A form of art therapy that brings our imaginations into play to assist in healing and personal development. See the Healing Art FAQ.

Introduction to Reiki Healing

We are all healers. Demonstration and introduction to the Japanese art of natural healing: Reiki . . . an approach to personal, self and spiritual development. What it is and what it can do for you.

Law of Attraction

'The Secret,' although hugely popular as film and book, is but the latest version of The Law of Attraction . . . undoubtedly a powerful, universal, effect . . . but how does it work in practice? Keith's The Key session helps you cuts through the persuasive words to find what it means for you.

Making Friends with Time

Are you always chasing your own tail? Too much to do and no time to do it . . . or finding that time is always dragging. Conventionally you'd be advised to do some time management. But can we really manage time? It's not exactlya commodity like chalk or cheese is it! This workshop reconnects you to the reality of time . . . (also available on-line)


Experience and experiment with the power of the mandala, particularly through creating your own. Range of media available to create your own mandala from.

My Story, Your Story, His-tory

Using visual art and/or writing as a technique for telling our life story. Not only creative but a powerful healing practice.

Psychic Development

Explore your 6th sense, develop your intuition and practice using a range of divination tools, from angel or animal cards to dice and the synchronicities of life. 

Reiki Masters

Certificated course (requires 3 x 3hrs sessions or equivalent). Open to anyone with Reiki II

Complete your formal Reiki training. Includes attunement process, Masters symbols and Reiki in day-to-day life.

Reiki Refresher

Open to anyone with any level of Reiki from any Master

Be reminded of how to practice Reiki on yourself or other (or use of symbols at Reiki II etc). A chance to ask questions and share experiences.

Religious Experiences

What is a religious experience and how can we benefit from one? This series of seminars, designed for an undergraduate course, helps students to understand such experiences (which we might also call spiritual or transcendent experiences) from a personal perspective.

Second Degree Reiki

Certificated course (requires 3 x 3hrs sessions or equivalent). Open to anyone with Reiki I

Develop your Reiki practice to include absent healing and healing of situations. Includes Reiki symbols and application of them to your own life issues.

The Key

 . . . to health, wealth & happiness .  . . includes ‘The Law of Attraction’, but with other universal laws that ‘The Secret’ keeps rather quiet about.

Transformation Game

A 'game of life invented' at Findhorn and the origin of 'The Angel Cards'. Facilitated to help you transform any difficult life situation into real opportunities for change.


What are transcendent experiences? What is meant by transcendence, the transcendence process and the transcendent movement? See above link for general introduction. A wide range of sessions are available depending on context provided.


Usually included in 'Healing Art' or 'Where Next?' sessions, workshop are available that focus on this powerful technique or lead a guided meditation for you, often from Rosy Tinted Glasses.

Ways of Knowing

Underlying most, if not all, of my course is the important question: what do we know .. . and how do we know it? What's we've learn rationally is far from the whole story! This on-line course with the BodyMind Institute explores other Ways of Knowing, showing you how to tap into a deeper way of knowing . . . and thus develop a way of Being that is more whole, healthy and fulfilling.

Where next?

A unique combination of healing and divination, with art included as when appropriate, aimed at helping you identify new directions in your life, or suggesting ways out of tricky or unsatisfying life situations.

Which Path?

On a spiritual journey but not sure where it's taking you? What is enlightenment anyway? How we can learn our lessons from life itself. Guidance on finding who we really are.

Wisdom at Work

Any of these workshops can be targeted and presented to a business group or other organisations. The above link outlines other workshops and services aimed specifically at the work environment.

Writers Mentoring

Whether you write professional or as therapy or for fun, we'll help you look at the connection between creative flow, personal growth and professional development and guide you into moving on from 'writers block', etc.

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