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Depth, value & meaning

What is it that gives live meaning? What gives YOUR life value and meaning? So much in today's society is superficial: without heart or soul, 'going through the motions' or done with a profit motive and no other. What gives my life meaning is to help others reconnect to their true purpose in life, to restore value and meaning to their day-to-day lives both in what they do . . and in how they do it.

One way of doing this, which is becoming increasingly more accepted, even in the hard-headed business world, is the teaching and coaching of . . .


Like most terms and jargon, 'soft-skills' can mean a range of things depending on who you're talking to, but to me it means any and all skills that cannot be pinned down in hard, factual, objective terms. Soft-skills relate to the fact that humans (yes, all of us!) are thinking, feeling creatures. However hard some of us might try to deny our feelings and emotions, it is these characteristics that make us human! To live healthy, happy and successful lives it is no use suppressing or ignoring our inherent nature. To live live with meaning, to be able to relate to other people - in any context, requires that we become more aware of the touchy-feely aspect of what it means to be human.

The development of soft-skills is all about this facet of self-development, be it for personal development or for continuing professional development (CPD). Whether concerned with managing our own stress, being able to tune-into those we work with, or developing an inner knowing, improving soft-skills means working with an intrinsic body-knowing and awareness that compliments our rational consciousness. Soft-skills are those that integrate logic and intuition that allow us to live and work with compassion and reason working together for the benefit of our own health & well-being . . . and that of all those we come into contact with.

And so too in teaching & learning. If what we're being taught doesn't touch our heart and soul, then, not surprisingly, we'll probably struggle to engage with the learning process. Bringing depth, value and meaning into education isn't so much about including these as subjects to be taught, but of teaching with passion and enthusiasm: bringing the subject (any subject) to life by making it real. At One Reality my intent is to do both: to offer topics that help you to live with depth, value & meaning and, at the same time, to ensure that you can engage with the subject in a meaningful way, that gives your life more value.

The majority of the courses and 1-to-1 sessions that I offer, both 'in the flesh' and on-line are, in some way, soft-skill related: View my on-line courses.

I look forward to meeting you.


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