Healing Art

Healing Art is the use of one or a range of art forms to enable the process of transcendence, personal development and healing. For a general introduction, see my Healing Art FAQ.

By engaging with art at one of many levels, so we connect into a our inherent creative potential, so assisting our natural healing process: see my Healing Art Spectrum.

The huge potential of such approaches was the subject of a Healing Art Festival Forum held in Brighton in 2000.

Another excellent example of Healing Art is the use of Mandalas: see my Mandala FAQ.

The following provides a quick over-view of the experiential learning that is Healing Art:

Keith's Healing Art Workshops

using Reiki healing, visualisations, drawing, divinations and mentoring:


  • develop your creative, intuitive and psychic senses

  • open up your key questions and answers

  • find inner peace

  • learn tools to help you in everyday situations

See my Healing Art FAQ for more on how we view the combination of art and healing.


Take the form of small groups or one to one consultations, as required.  Sessions can be of an hour, over a couple of days . . . or spread over a week's retreat, for example.

To discuss venues and costs, please use the response form.


Keith's approach:
We use a wide range of techniques and exercises to help you on your search for a new direction, using our own intuition and experience to offer the most suitable approach to you and your situation. Our methods include:

  • Active Listening

  • Reiki Healing (both given to you and enabled within you. 

  • Creative and expressive art (drawing, collage, voice work, music, dance, writing, etc)

  • Guided visualisations (e.g. from Rosy Tinted Glasses )

  • Divinations (Using Angel cards, dice divis, writing & text divis', etc)

Whilst many of these techniques originate from well respected sources we adapt them and add our own methods to ensure an experience that is both special and, we hope, of real benefit to you. See, for example, our 'Divi FAQ' for so tips on divination.

About Keith's Consultations
My emphasis is on participation and on providing you with techniques and ideas that you can apply when you return home. I encourage questions and sharing of personal experiences . . . and welcome stories you feel others won't understand! See here for my ethos.

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