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Ethos & Roles

My ethos in all activities is to acknowledge the individual spark for life in everything and everybody. This, I would suggest, is what is at the heart of the ‘inclusive’ agenda now seen as essential in all walks of life. Everybody has something to offer. The job of education (in whatever form) is to identify that something and to enable and encourage that spark to grow and develop. All too often I have found (often from bitter personal experience) that our inherent natures have been suppressed in early life or conditioned by the (old) norms of society. To undo such ‘stuff’, if sometimes painful, is essential if we are to free our hearts and mind to respond to the needs of the moment. My role in assisting this process, is to:

-         Provide tools and techniques to help the self-healing and personal development process.

-         Offer supporting theories, texts, etc. to provide a supporting framework to the process of 'Knowing & Growing’.

-         Help you to determine you role in life and thus to find fulfilment.

-         Actively listen and (where appropriate) to encourage expression of suppressed feelings.

-         Work to develop (within appropriate organisations) an atmosphere of understanding of transcendent modes of thought and related experiences and processes.

-         Demonstrate practical ways of enabling the transcendence process in daily life and, in so doing, develop creative and reflective practices.

In practice these are achieved by a variety of teaching/workshop/consultation methods, depending on the environment and client/student. Learning provision will always be adapted to your needs. See here for a list of topics currently available.

* * Most of what I offer is now available on-line, either as 1-to-1 consultations or on-line courses * *

Given my background in Quality Assurance, whatever the specific student group or topic I will always provide a cost effect and high quality service. To discuss venues and costs, please use the response form.

All of the techniques and theories taught are backed by rigorous academic validation and supported by extensive first-hand evidence, as described in my Publications.

When I worked in Quality Assurance in the Electronics Industry, I saw my role as Catalyst and Lubricant: to bring people together; to enable an holistic and integrated view of the situation in hand and to assist in developing a view of the shared reality that respected all the different perspectives. In those days this might embrace the often apparently conflicting requirements of a demanding customer, state-of-the-art technological processes and the ever-present business financial objectives. In my days running retreats in Portugal, the focus was more personal but similar: to help my clients integrate the often painful past experiences with the demands of their current lives. Now, in Higher Education, I also seek to enable a transcendence of the gaps that typically exist between disciplines, between academics & administrators and between intellectual concepts and the OneReality in which we all live. Academic engagement is about living the theories and 'walking the talk'; which is precisely what the techniques and experiences described here are all about.

We each need each other. In these economic hard-times, it is even more important that we co-operate for the greater good of our organisations and all involved in them. The greater the pressure we are under, the more pressing and urgent the need to face our fears and tune into the OneReality of wherever we find ourselves.

In this web-site and in my work, I present and share methods and ideas that demonstrate how this can, and does, work in practice. Only from a deep connection to each other, our own inner Being and to the OneReality around us can we hope to develop anything meaningful.

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