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Since the UK introduced 'Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development' into its core curriculum for primary education (see here for example), there has been a growing awareness of the spiritual aspect to being human. Whilst attendance at many forms of religious services may have fallen over recent decades, the interest in spiritual practices, New Religious Movements and a deeper dimension to life has never been greater. Whilst definitions of spirituality vary widely, it is reasonable to identify 'spirituality' with a general seeking for depth and meaning in an unfeeling material world. 

My own spirituality was enabled as the son  of active Christian parents in a conventional (and thus Christian) English village.. Whilst still content to call myself Christian I have since explored many others faiths and Christian denominations and am equally comfortable at a Quaker Meeting, Anglican Communion, Pagan Beltane celebration or Buddhist meditation. I have found that active engagement in the worship and practices of one faith has helped me to understand spirituality generally and my own place in a sacred world. This approach to religion, I now find, is key to the Interfaith movement - after Brother Wayne Teasdale (1945-2004, see the ISDnA site).

Wayne Teasdale

Rather than an emphasis on taught doctrines, hierarchical organisations and traditional ritual, the focus of spirituality at the start of the 21st Century is on inclusive engagement: helping each and every body to feel a sense of belonging. Whilst the resulting 'community' may have a physical base in a place of worship, it might equally be in a shared practice (Yoga, Reiki, etc.) or in working for a shared cause. Peace initiatives and wildlife campaigns are often most effective when their active membership come from a range of religious and cultural backgrounds, (the work of Marcus Braybrooke being an excellent example). By exploring common aims of peace and mutual respect for each other and the planet, so a sense is found of us all belonging to the One Reality of life.

Since we are all unique beings, there will a unique path for each of us to tread for us to find what all this means for us. My role as Spiritual Director, teacher, workshop leader or mentor is to help you find you own inner truth and the paths and techniques that work for you. This may involve exploring Emotional Intelligence, drawing mandalas, learning Reiki or any other of the subject that I offer.

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