The Transcendence Movement*

 Groups committed to assisting our evolving consciousness

Since I started my own quest for the truth, depth and joy of life, I've come across many individuals and organisations on a similar path. The following are a few of those who I've had the pleasure of working with, being associated with or generally feel worth supporting and mentioning They are but a small proportion of the many around the world:

Blessed Unrest: Paul Hawken


Organisations with whom I've worked:

The Scientific & Medical Network (SMN)
A wonderful group of professionals from all walks of life who are actively bringing the mystical and scientific aspects of life together

Contemplative Life
The depth and bredth of contemplative practice across human endeavours

The Alister Hardy Trust
(with its link to the Religious Experiences Research Centre at Lampeter)

for people interested in the nature and study of spiritual, religious and psychic experiences.

Spiritual Directors International
Tending the holy around the world and across traditions

Exploring the Extraordinary
for those working on extra-ordinary/transcendent experiences

Exceptional Experiences and Psychology

The Theosophical Society
Metaphysical ideas with a practical grounding

The Brahma Kumaris

British Association for the Study of Spirituality (BASS)

Consciousness and Experiential Psychology Section of the British Psychological Society (CEP BPS)

Words for Well-being

Inspiring words and ideas from Fiona Owen

Sounding Rainbows
Sound Therapy with Gail Duffy


Other organisations that I would consider part of the Transcendence Movement

World Institute for Scientific Exploration (WISE)

Felin Uchaf

One Spirit Interfaith Foundation

The British Teilhard Society

Christians Awakening to a New Awareness

Spiritual Companions

White Eagle Lodge

International Interspirituality Forum based on the work of Wayne Teasdale

The InterSpiritual Multiplex
Interspirituality networks, forums and resources

New Realities

Gatekeeper Trust

Spiritual England
IncludingThe Peaceful Schools Movement



Whilst the above links are groups, networks or organisations, often educational charities and usually with a physical as well as virtual activity, there are many other individuals and groups with similar ethos and aims. Just a few of them are listed in my general enlightened links.

If you're wondering why some, similar, sites are on the general links page, rather than on this one, it's usually that those on this page are I ones I know more about and have seen in action: it does not imply that some are more transcendent than others!

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* For a description of the perspectives and commitments typical of those shared by those within the Transcendence Movement, see the last page of my PhD thesis summary.