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Holistic Health Awareness

Despite increased longevity and advances in medical science our nations' health continues to be a major concern, be it over obesity, dementia or a long list of other serious conditions. Add to that the social malaise seen in anti-sociable behaviour, drug & alcohol abuse and well-being and many question whether medical science has all the answers. As an increasing number of individuals have turned to 'complementary and alternative medicine'  so we are finding an Holistic approach to Health to beneficial.

As I have researched consciousness and transcendence, so I have found increasing support (from, for example, philosophy, theology, psychology and neuroscience) for an holistic and integrated approach to health and well-being. Since first offering Reiki healing sessions and training, I have been keen to share, with those who are interested, the background and practices related to Holistic Health. To this end I have co-ordinated and/or participated in many holistic health awareness events over the years, usually involving first-hand experiential demonstrations. For example:

* Stress Relief through Alternative Therapies, (demonstrations and workshops) for the Millennium Conference of the IPD (Institute of Personnel and Development), Northampton Guildhall, March 2000.

* Holistic Therapies Marquee at Millennium Ram Katha & Peace Festival, Sixfields Stadium, Northampton, July 2000

* Sailing with Spirit (Northamptonshire's Holistic Network's demonstrations and workshops) at Home & Lifestyle Exhibitions, County ground, Northampton, Sept 2001.

* Centro Pacifico (Holistic Centre's stand with demonstrations) at FATACIL (Country Fair), Lagoa, Algarve, Portugal, May 2008

* Relaxation for Researchers, Beyond Boundaries postgraduate conference, Bangor University, Jan 2010 & Jan 2011.

As 'public engagement' events, such experiential sessions have always been well received by both the general public and the organisations with whom I have worked. Contact me to arrange such events.

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