Welcome to a page that can take you on a journey. Given below is visualisation . . . a sample of Reiki healing. It is suggested that you load the full page, including the image, then log off before trying it out!


OK, so you're off line and unlikely to be disturbed for a while. Read the following text carefully to get a feel for what's going to happen. Get comfortable then read it again, allowing the intent to build up in your mind. Scroll down to the image and let it lead you on the journey to the spirals of this world .. .and others. Once you've got a feel for the process, close your eyes . . . or turn off your computer and try the exercise again in peace. It is something you can do any time, any place, anywhere . . .although it's recommended that you don't do it whilst driving or doing anything else that requires you keep your eyes open!

A Visualisation to connect you to reality

Draw (in your mind) a spiral around yourself, wrapped around your whole body. Imaging it reaching up into the heavens and down into the heart of the earth. Feel it revolving in one direction, drawing you up, then in the other direction, taking you down. Then revolving in both directions at once, connecting you to the physical realm of our planet and to the spiritual realm of energy. Now visualise the spiral expanding, getting bigger and bigger until it has become the Milky way. Let it get smaller again, taking in all other spiral forms around us. Then let it get smaller. Then smaller still, becoming a strand of DNA in our body, becoming each and every strand of DNA in us. . and in all living things. Feel the spiral expand and contract, bridging the worlds of cells and the cosmos. Without beginning, without end. Reminding us that we are One with creation itself.

You have just given yourself a Reiki treatment! I hope you found it a pleasurable experience. This exercise is designed to help you reconnect to your true, inner self. There are many ways to continue the journey. Training in Reiki is what got me to this point and continues to take me to wonderful places I never realised existed . .. .many of them here on earth!


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